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You are here: Products : : Why you should buy your MAC/COBRAY accessories from C&S:
Why you should buy your MAC/COBRAY accessories from C&S:
We have been in the Class 2 manufacturing, Class 3 machinegun business, and doing Law Enforcement sales for twenty years.
We are a reputable dealer with a stellar reputation, and are on Subguns.com?s exclusive Recommended Dealer List.

We are a licensed Class 2 manufacture and Class 3 dealer, and can legally accept semi-and fully-automatic weapons for repair, customization and NFA transfers.
We are not an inaccessible mail-order-only accessory business, you are forced to email or play phone tag with. We have an actual store-front with normal business hours. We are here Monday through Saturday to answer your calls. We have our CNC machine shop affixed to our retail gun shop, so we are always accessible to our customers.

Our original designs have always been widely acclaimed for innovation and excellence, from our groundbreaking 308 G3 saddle drums, to our popular HK MP5 drums, to our MAC/UZI drums, to our Ivan's Hammer 12ga, and our new KrinkerPlinker 10/22-to-AK47 conversion kit. Everything we produce is either our own design or made with the permission of the original designer. We are straight shooters: We do not copy other?s products and claim they are our design.

We manufacture all of our parts in our CAD CNC machine shop and our quality and craftsmanship are second to none. Quote: ?This C&S MP-5 drum is one of the few accessories that matches the quality and reliability of the HK MP5 itself.? --Small Arms Review (formerly Machinegun News), May 1993.

We do not take short-cuts on our products: No ?shake and bake? refinishing. All aluminum parts are Hard-Anodized. All steel parts are glass-beaded and dark-manganese parkerized. We do not just weld on HK sights and spray-and-bake with moly paint. We do not cut corners to minimize work and maximize profits. We take the extra time to do it right.

No one-size-fits-all philosophy: We do not make one flimsy buttstock adapter, and then weld any and all kinds of buttstocks to it. We make every adapter specific to each individual type of buttstock. It takes more labor to do it this way, but it is the only way to do it correctly.

We do not make one-size-fits-all HK sights. The type of buttstock you use determines the correct height of the HK sights. It?s easier to make all the sights the same height, and then force the end-user to adjust himself to make the sights align with his buttstock. We take the time and effort to make HK sights of different heights, so the customer?s sights match his buttstock correctly.

We do not sell our products at an exorbitant markup. We spend much more time manufacturing the products correctly, and then sell them for a reasonable price.

We make some of the highest quality MAC/COBRAY parts on the market, at the lowest price.

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